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We are so proud of our DOT SafeStat results, we want you to see!
(The higher the SEA value, the worse its safety status.)

Safety Record Chart

Dan Dipert Coaches scored ZERO, the best score possible!
SEA values range between 0 (best) and 100 (worst) and are calculated for carriers with sufficient data related to each SEA. Our company has sufficient data and scored a zero (0%) on Driver and Vehicle evaluation areas, the highest possible score.

The national average SEA value is 24% for Driver, 24% for Vehicle, and 28% for Safety Management. What does that mean? It means that upon inspection, almost 1/4 of the drivers and vehicles in the United States did not pass inspection and more than a quarter failed in their Safety Management program.

In essence, if this was school, we made A+ on the test!
Unfortunately, accident scores (ACSEA) are not currently provided by the FMCSA on any passenger carrier because the scores rely on State-provided crash reports, which are sometimes not of the highest data quality based on timeliness, completeness and accuracy. As soon as such scores are available, we will provide it on this site.

COO Recognized as National Safety Leader!
Autumn Dipert Brown was recently awarded the United Motorcoach Association's Safety Leader of the Year Award, which recognizes leadership through safety management that produces positive and significant results. It is the only national safety award in the motorcoach industry. The Award is given to a person who not only has been active in the motorcoach industry but who also displays leadership through involvement with community and civic activities. Autumn Dipert Brown has proven to be a leader in safety in the motorcoach industry.

Autumn Dipert Brown has shown the leadership skills that result in getting things done. Her leadership in the development of the most comprehensive Motorcoach Driver Curriculum available in the industry and the implementation of its use among a diverse group of motorcoach operators is an outstanding accomplishment that will benefit the industry forever, according to Carmen Daecher of the Daecher Consulting Group, Inc., the sponsor of the award.

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